The Best Reviewed Piano Store in Chicagoland

Our valued clients have given us the most 5-Star Reviews across Google, Facebook, and Yelp of any piano retailer in the greater Chicagoland area.


The piano is a uniquely powerful instrument, with its 88 notes covering the full range that you’ll find in an entire orchestra. It’s deeply satisfying to learn as a soloist, and tons of fun when playing with others. The keyboard of the piano is the foundation of Western music theory, and learning its secrets unlocks deeper mastery on all other instruments.

Our mission is to support the piano-playing public with high-quality pianos at affordable prices, and furthermore with our expertise in tuning, repair, concerts, workshops, lessons, emerging technology, and related keyboard services.



We think you should choose Family Piano Co for several key reasons:

Experts First - Technician owned and operated, our whole business is run by experienced staff who love to respectfully share their knowledge with you throughout the buying process.


Buy When You're Ready - We don’t yo-yo our prices for “Weekend Sales” or play other “false urgency games” with you. Our “No Pressure” business model makes piano buying fun and educational, not stressful.


Lowest Price Upfront - In the piano industry, we’re doing something almost unheard of – a “No Haggle” business model. This means that we give you the best price upfront, so that no one needs to get confrontational, haggle, or play games.


Price Match Policy - We’ve lowered all of our prices, so they are the best you’ll find. But if you do find a better price, we’ll match it – plus you’ll get our unbeatable service, and our guarantees.




  • Nov 2006 - Family Piano Opens: Alice Alviani started Family Piano Co with Mark MacLeod, a good friend and experienced Steinway technician. The two of them started with just one showroom and a lot of ambition.

  • Oct 2007 - Joplin's Java: Pretty soon after opening, Alice & Mark realized they needed more room for pianos, a few lesson rooms for local students, a space that could hold 40 or so people for recitals & concerts, AND a tasty reason to get people to visit the business – thus was born Joplin’s Java, a coffee shop inside of Family Piano Co.

  • Nov 2010 - Mark Passes: Mark MacLeod, one of the founders, was living with kidney failure – in fact, Alice was scheduled to donate one of her kidneys to him in December when he passed suddenly, shortly before Thanksgiving in 2010.
  • March 2014 - Became a Kawai Dealer: In early 2014, Saphir’s Pianos closed and the owner, Dennis, put in a good word with Kawai, who was skeptical that we would sell enough pianos. Since then, we have won multiple awards from Kawai, including in 2017 a week-long trip through Japan for Brendan for being one of the top salespeople of Kawai throughout North America.
  • Jan 2015 - Opened School of Music: Family Piano Co’s lesson program had been growing since 2007, but we needed more room! When the storefront became available, we built out 5 more teaching rooms and a nice waiting area. With a proper Genesee Street entrance, we also became much easier to find. Today, Family Piano Co boasts of over 200 students per week taking lessons at our School of Music.
  • Nov 2016 - Riverside Room: We always wanted a permanent space for having concerts, recitals, workshops, and other exciting events. When the 1,500 square foot space became available, we jumped at the opportunity. We invested in new chairs and equipment to make it a pleasurable experience for all 100+ people it can seat.



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