Kawai 506N 44.5" Institutional Upright Piano

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Kawai's 506N Institutional Upright Piano was specially designed for those who require high quality and durability in an instrument, without a premium price tag. This instrument features the three key elements of a fine piano: 1) a durable back assembly with 5 laminated back posts, 2) the exclusive Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action, and 3) an exceptional soundboard made of solid spruce. These elements ensure long-lasting durability, an excellent touch and stellar tone -- all guaranteed to meet the requirements of any player!

The 506N features the Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow action which offers extraordinary feel and excellent control. The hammer heads are made with 100% wool felt. The shanks and moldings are made with top-quality maple. The cabinet itself has added depth to accommodate longer key sticks, resulting in greater leverage, resulting in a more even-feeling and controlled touch. To make the action resistant to climatic and seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, Kawai uses aluminum action rails, aluminum hammer rest rails and precision parts made of extremely stable, low-friction ABS Styran Carbon Fiber. Over time, these materials will keep the piano's touch sturdier than a traditional all-wood construction would.

The most important sound-producing part of a piano is the soundboard. And thankfully, the 506N's features a finely-selected spruce construction which results in an outstanding dynamic range and superb tone throughout the piano's different registers. Its exceptionally large soundboard area also gives the instrument a greater tonal power and resonance, and the entire thing is safely supported by 5 laminated back posts and 9 cross-grain ribs. 

The construction of the 506N itself is sturdy, and it provides the foundation for outstanding tone, playability and durability. So that the cast iron plate can handle the 20 tons of string tension present in upright pianos, Kawai uses state-of-the-art CAD technology to align natural tonal resonances of the plate with the build requirements of the scale design. The pinblock is made from high-end hard rock maple and utilizes machine-cut threads and reverse-torque tuning pins for decades of reliable longer-lasting tunings

Made with permanently bonded brass over a die-cast aluminum core, Kawai Cast Brass Pedals are significantly stronger and more durable than commonly-used "capped" pedals. The center pedal activates the mute rail for quiet practice playing. And inside, Kawai uses square-tube steel levers for the pedals which are stronger than traditional round levers. Furthermore, this square design provides flat surfaces for the pedal rod and pivot bushings -- making for less noisy pedals.

In terms of looks, the 506N has a handsome and traditional cabinet with a sturdy toe-block design that secures the piano's legs and strengthens overall integrity. It's available in a Satin Ebony or Satin Mahogany finish. Regardless of which you prefer, each panel is meticulously stained, sealed and coated to assure a beautiful and low-maintenance appearance.

Overall, the 506N is a well-crafted and great-sounding instrument. Kawai backs it up with a 10-Year Fully Transferable Manufacturer's Warranty -- the seal of their craftsmanship and the guarantee of your satisfaction. Whether the piano sits in a church, school, studio or home, it is sure to bring longevity and musical enjoyment for many decades to come! 

  • Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action made of ABS Styran Carbon Fiber & other composite materials = even, sturdy and controlled playing
  • Large spruce soundboard supported by thick ribs and back posts ensure the piano stays sounding loud and clear for decades
  • 506N will last longer and need fewer visits from tuners thanks to excellently-designed cast iron plate, high-quality pinblock and composite-material action. 
  • Pedal construction that's more durable and less noisy -- and includes a practice pedal system for quiet playing!
  • Satin institutional cabinet with a toe-block design and casters, combining good-looks and functionality 



  • Action: Kawai Ultra-Responsive
  • Available Finishes: Satin Ebony, Satin Mahogany
  • Country of Manufacture: Indonesia
  • Warranty: 10 Year Transferable Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Dimensions: 44.5 x 24 x 59 inches
  • Weight: 424 lbs
  • Includes: Original Hard Top Bench, Warranty, Fully Tuned & Prepped


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